Kenwood: The power to inspire

The Power to Inspire

The Background

Every year, Kenwood De’Longhi colleagues from all around the world, meet for their annual conference in Italy. This is the company’s opportunity to showcase upcoming new products, learn from each other, and have a general powwow on all things Kenwood De’Longhi. This is also each team’s chance to wow their colleagues – a snazzy PowerPoint just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

With this in mind, we were given the challenge of creating something truly special for the team behind the forthcoming ‘Chef Titanium’ mixer. This wasn’t ‘just another mixer’, so the team wanted to go all out to demonstrate its Power, Versatility and Endurance – the three main USPs of the product.


The Chef Titanium packs an impressive 1500W of power, but how could we best visualise this? Simply showing the product buzzing away wasn’t going to get this across – we needed something… bigger. When one of the team asked half-joking, ‘could it pull a car?’, we just had to find out! We did the maths and realised it could (theoretically) pull two cars. We pitched the idea and they loved it.

There were more logistics to consider than you would normally encounter on a regular food mixture promo shoot (it isn’t normally necessary to chain the mixer to the wall, for example); however, the end result, stylishly shot with plenty of imaginative angles, including one from a drone hovering above, delighted the audience. The film was so well received that it was recreated live on-stage at the event, which we took as the highest praise.


The goal of this piece was to show how the Chef Titanium has the endurance to survive whatever you throw at it. It’s been put through its paces with over 15,000 hours of testing – how could we reflect this in a 100 second ad? We returned to the kitchen for this film, which uses time-lapse photography to illustrate a full day’s use, culminating in an amazing array of cakes, breads and other delicacies.

We ensured realism in the film by using an actor with a passion for cooking, so the end result is a convincingly-executed (if dramatically accelerated) day’s baking and cooking.


The third and final aspect of the Chef Titanium that the client wanted to convey was precision – the mixer gives the user remarkable control of its functionality, allowing them to achieve extremely precise results. 

Here we went for simplicity: a single shot showing the Chef Titanium being lowered into place with (you guessed it!) extremely precise results. 

While the resulting film was a lot more low-key than its siblings, the client loved the impact and satisfaction of the film.  

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