Chattertons Solicitors: Bringing out their personality

Chattertons Solicitors
Bringing out their personality

The Challenge

Chattertons solicitors had recently started a re-brand with their in house team. Whilst they had eveloped their new logo, and rolled out signage across the estate they were struggling with creating a a visual approach they were happy with.

The overuse of their corporate blue was making communications looks dark and overbearing at times. And they felt they were lacking a human touch.They wanted a new look a feel that was lighter, bought a level of consistency across their communications and reflected their personality and values.

Our Solution

We consulted with the team via meetings and workshops to discover Chatterton’s vision, mission and values, and to set the groundwork for our visual rebrand proposal. Once established, we developed a suitable look and feel to convey Chatterton’s professional but approachable nature. 

The new look and feel was applied across brochures, print advertising, posters, digital assets, banners, promotional merchandise, internal literature, stationary and internal digital documents.

“I genuinely feel like we are their only client. They get back to us so quickly about everything, accommodate our crazy last minute requests and on top of it all produce great designs that we love! To have that feeling is absolutely fantastic for us.”

Emily Baker Gaunt | Marketing Manager

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