NEXA: Launching a new
Alternative Finance Lender

_The Background


We were delighted to be appointed brand and marketing agency for NEXA Finance a new alternative lending finance company.


NEXA Finance will focus on lending much needed funds to the under-served SME Property Development sector. Backed by a number of institutional funders – including two building societies – it sees an exciting and innovative step forward within the industry.

_The Challenge


To develop a relatable and human brand within financial services. In a world where brands can often appear overly corporate, intimidating and only for those ‘in the know’.


Whilst at launch the business will be an alternative lender backed by institutional funding, there are future plans to move to a Peer to Peer (P2P) model, therefore it was important that the brand was designed with this in mind and had the flexibility to talk to not only the ‘industry’, institutional funders, owner/managers of SME property development companies, but also the ‘everyday’ person looking for alternative investment opportunities.

_Our approach


The initial challenge was to fully integrate ourselves within this growing sub-sector of financial services and really get under the skin of the target market in order to understand the motivations, appetite and potential barriers to the brand. 


We carried out competitor and market analysis alongside in-depth interviews with financial experts, potential funders and prospective customers, as well as holding a series of workshops with the internal team. All insights were fed into creating a succinct and motivating brand architecture as well as a clear and defining vision and mission that would guide the future marketing strategy. 

_Our Strategy


The appetite for this offering was strong amongst prospective customers. SME property developers in the East Midlands had all experienced problems, delays and hardship in obtaining funding through high street banks – resulting in delayed projects or difficultly getting new opportunities off the ground.  


However, the light touch regulation of this sector of the financial service market has created a wary customer, so building and establishing trust for any new enterprise is crucial.


It was important that the new brand was accessible, open and down-to-earth whilst maintaining the authority and integrity that came from the experience of the team. In addition we wanted to instill a feeling of optimism and opportunity for all involved – from the funders through to the borrowers – and eventually the people living in the local communities who would benefit from new property development and everything that brings to the areas in which they live. 

Nexa logo_CMYK



Brand strategy vision, mission statement and ethos, personalities and values.


Corporate identity from the ground up, defining the company name, designing the logo and developing brand guidelines.


Website design and build and social channel management.


Marketing strategy & implementation, PR, social, Thought Leadership and partnerships.


Design & print of business stationery, event collateral, product documents and website.

This is a very exciting venture for us and we are thrilled that the team at Well & Truly have become a part of it all. They have completely embedded themselves in this project to understand the market, competitors and opportunities for this brand. Their approach has uncovered interesting insights and their interpretation has resulted in a solid foundation on which we can move forward. We’re looking forward to them being a long-term part of the team.

Brian Cartwright

Managing Director

Nexa poster