Cooking Chef: Christmas
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The Kenwood Cooking Chef is a high-end, premium product in the range of Kenwood Chef multi-functional stand mixers.

One of the unique features is the addition of an induction heating base alongside pre-set cooking programmes which means the Cooking Chef can be used as a fully functional cooking machine. 


The cooking versatility of the product means it can be used to create dishes that require gentle heating or melting, as well as full meals such as hearty stews, curries, pie fillings and much more. 


Our task was to demonstrate the full versatility of the product showcasing its USPs, as well as communicating that despite appearances as a stand mixer, the product has so much more to offer.

The Kenwood Cooking Chef is a machine of endless possibilities – the collateral we produced had to have the flexibility to match

The campaign strapline ‘Endless Possibilities’ was used to convey the full flexibility of the product. A set of images was created showing the end user in her kitchen imaging the endless possibilities she can create with the multi-purpose machine. 


We carried out a couple of photoshoots and made a series of films to showcase the variety of dishes. To ensure the campaign was suitable to be used across a range of global markets, we consulted different countries on suitable dishes to showcase within the campaign. The recipes ranged from fish wellington, to Christmas Stollen, vegetable tagine to ginger jam. 


Our target consumer across the globe was one who appreciated and valued good food, real ingredients and wholesome, nutritious and tasty homemade food. They loved to cook for others and see them enjoy and appreciate the food they have created. 

Campaign assets for the global team, alongside photography and films were then created.  Several assets including press ad templates, advertorials, social graphics, film cut downs, boomerangs and cinemagraph were produced. All assets were then supplied in such a way that they could be adapted to translate by local markets into their own language. 


In the films we created, focus was given to the digital screen of the Cooking Chef, showing the different programmes, wide temperature range and key functions of the machine, whilst at the same time providing inspiration for the accomplished home cook.