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  • Savour every moment with the new K-Sense range from Kenwood

    The K-Sense range was made to make delicious possible at every part of the day. This new breakfast range was launched recently within the Kenwood family to complement the recently launched Chef Sense. Aimed at the design conscious family consumer, the kettle, toaster and juicer appliances all exhibit Kenwood’s fantastic ability to include clever features alongside a modern design.


    The brief

    For the international launch of these new products, we were tasked with developing the marketing story, product proposition and creative assets that would help drive the success of this new design-focused range internationally. The brand values already embedded with the Kenwood Chef helped lay the ground work for our approach to launching the K-Sense range. We wanted to ‘borrow’ these values of innovation, quality, reliability and of course, creativity and apply them to this range of breakfast products.


    What we did

    Using the strapline already established for the Chef Sense – ‘Savour every moment’, we developed a campaign extension to work across the breakfast range. The aim was to show that these products had a role outside of just breakfast.  With this in mind, we used a lifestyle photoshoot to recreate a series of moments from throughout the day. From a relaxed family breakfast, through to an afternoon moment of quiet before the kids come home, we wanted to not only show what these products could do, but also how they’d look in the home.

    Alongside the shoot, we also produced a lifestyle video which gave us the opportunity to highlight some of the key features of each product, from one side toasting, to a quiet boil kettle. We worked closely with a leading food stylist to add ‘colour’ to the set, which was chosen for its contemporary yet family feel. The contrast in colour between the food and the white-silver tones from the K-Sense range of products helped draw attention to their beautiful designs.



    The K-Sense range only recently saw its launch in March 2016. So it’ll be a while before we see the fruits of our labour. Regardless, watch this space for exciting new developments in the next few months.

    Kenwood K-Sense

  • The Brief

    Fresh, fit and trendy. The juicing market has grown massively in recent years, with healthy living becoming an increasingly popular trend, and consumers looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

    For the PureJuice, Kenwood were looking to tap into the ever-growing nutrition based market within food appliances. The health conscious consumer is willing to spend more on exotic ingredients that are high in ‘extra health benefits’ such as antioxidants and ‘super’ vitamins, as well as providing an easy consumption of their ‘five-a-day’. With these ideas in mind, our task was to create an identity and positioning for the product through naming, logo, product marketing story and creative concepts to launch the product to the trade.

    What we did

    It was important that we got familiar with the key unique selling points of the product. Juicers are categorised based on how they function, and for the PureJuice, the use of a slower, masticating juicing process was the focus of its design. The result of this is a more efficient product, giving the consumer more from their ingredients.

    Highlighting the inner workings of the product along with the benefits of this were key to differentiating the PureJuice from competitors.

    The Well & Truly team created a selection of visual concepts, each taking a different approach and exploring the use of a variety of straplines. The chosen concept “Unlock the goodness” was developed alongside a striking visual.


    The PureJuice launched in March 2016, so it’s still early days for the product. However we have since been appointed by the Kenwood team to work on the next product in the range so we’re guessing we did something right!

    Kenwood PureJuice: Unlock the goodness

  • The brief

    Finding creative ways to introduce a new homeware product is a challenge we relish, but it isn’t always easy when it’s being launched into a crowded market with many similar but cheaper alternatives already available. That being said, with Kenwood’s Glass range being the only matching glass set on the market, there was the benefit of having two unique, beautifully designed appliances for inspiration. The Well & Truly creative team were tasked with developing the story, strapline and positioning to support the launch of this matching kettle and toaster as new glass products within the Persona sub-brand.

    What we did

    Throughout the entire process we wanted to highlight the amount of detail that went into the design of the range. This meant drawing attention to Kenwood’s use of premium materials, the unique shape of the kettle and placing emphasis on the benefits of being able to see the inner workings of the product as they happen.

    We approached this in a number of ways, including the use of 3D renders that allowed us visualise the products in a very stylised way. Using a render we were also able to highlight key features such as the highest quality Schott-Duran glass, giving consumers the opportunity to watch their water boil and toast brown with surprisingly mesmerising results. Alongside this we created a product film, using CGI to exhibit the form of the products, and in particular the kettle, which takes on a unique square shaped body, set to become a signature style of design for all Kenwood kettles. The film included an original soundtrack that amplified the sounds of the products and gave the film a contemporary edge.

    The strapline ‘The Difference is Clear’ worked to highlight the key product feature of the glass – as well as highlighting the difference between these higher end Kenwood products versus more ‘run of the mill cheaper alternatives. This would help further Kenwood’s position as both a designer and manufacturer of high-end appliances within the breakfast category.


    Kenwood’s Persona Glass range launched in March 2016, so it’s early days for the Glass products. We’re confident however that the strategy we’ve put forward for these high quality appliances will underline the benefits of their performance when compared to similar, cheaper, off the shelf competitors. Watch this space!

    Kenwood Persona: The Difference is Clear

  • The Kenwood kMix range spans 11 different products, available in 4 different colours, but following a brand refresh, it was the ‘spicy red’ that was to be hero’d as the stand out colour for the range.

    The Brief

    We were briefed to develop an impactful creative campaign spanning print, digital and out-of-home advertising that could work on a global scale.  The campaign needed to be easily adaptable to promote different products within the range when necessary (as individual markets would have their own sales targets) as well having the flexibility to work across other platforms as media plans called for.

    What We Did

    Our idea focused on the use of bold and expressive food imagery, shot from above. It picks out and co-ordinates with the ‘Spicy Red’ hero product colour. The 5 key visuals link to each of the key products in the range, and are designed to demonstrate how you can ‘Express Yourself’ through different recipes – from fancy focaccia and breakfast bagels to standout soups and posh pavlovas.  They’re all centred around the kMix swirl graphic used on packaging, a device which further reiterates the sense of creative freedom and expression at the heart of the brand.

    The imagery was designed to vividly ‘pop’ off the black background, which is now synonymous with the kMix brand. We developed a collection of creative assets; including print advertising (for both consumer and trade arenas), out of home advertising (adshells, billboards etc), and digital adverts. We also compiled a campaign bible to support the consistent global implementation and further campaign development by individual markets.


    kMix Campaign: Express Yourself

  • Davis Optometrists were looking for a contemporary brand alignment to refresh their style and bring all their marketing literature in line. Their company has grown significantly over the past few years, and as such, the brand has evolved and was in need of some consistency. They wanted to inject some modern twists, a more relaxed secondary font and a new accent colour to refresh their overall look and feel; whilst maintaining their classic ‘sleekness’. A new illustrative style helped to add a sense of fun, which is so often neglected or overlooked by brands in their industry.

    We worked with the team at Davis Optometrists to develop a topic specific marketing plan, designed around their specialisms and areas for growth and we were tasked with developing a suite of consistent brand comms that reflected these topics. They included branch posters, refer a friend cards, a master advertisement, comment feedback cards, new business stationery and social media and website graphics. We also developed an engaging ‘A History of Davis Optometrists’ illustration, to be showcased in each of the branches, and used on pieces of literature where required in future.

    Davis Optometrists: A Brand Refresh

  • These Nottingham based solicitors recently added an independent investigations service to their offering within the employment law division. To help with the launch we were asked to create an engaging piece of direct mail to prospective clients. After considering a number of creative routes we agreed to go forward with ‘Take a closer look’.This idea focused on the symbol of the magnifying glass, used to uncover truth within organisations. To make the piece more memorable we designed a package that could house an actual, branded magnifying glass and we also put important facts about employee investigations in teeny-tiny typeface so that recipients could use the glass to read. Over 200 pieces were mailed out at the end of 2015 and the response from follow-up so far has been promising.

    Actons Solicitors

  • The Results:

    “Their approach makes us genuinely feel like we are their only client… We don’t know how they do it but to have that feeling is absolutely fantastic for us.”

    Emily Baker-Gaunt, Marketing Manager

    The Brief:

    The lovely team at Chattertons Solicitors and Wealth Management came to us in dire need of help, having found themselves in the midst of a dull, inconsistent rebrand without any substance or sense of staying power.  We couldn’t wait to get our hands dirty with this one… And we Well & Truly delivered, transforming their old-school, overly corporate look that was drowning in the classic 80s ‘professional services blue’, to a contemporary, approachable yet professional brand.

    What we did:

    Well, we started by going right back to basics. Stripping it back to uncover the core foundations of their brand and starting afresh. We carried out team workshops to determine and align the wider teams’ views on where they were as a business. To us, it was crucial that we worked with a full spectrum of employees – from partners to fee earners to administrative and support staff – to ensure we got a true reflection of the organisation as a whole.

    We applied what we learnt in the workshops to define Chatterton’s vision, mission and values, and set the groundwork for our visual rebrand proposal.

    Having initially shown them three creative briefs, we had lots of fun working with Chatterton’s to develop a distinctive and overall lighter, brighter and cleaner look and feel.

    We presented it through a fun secondary colour palette, using contemporary sans-serif fonts and carefully selected nature themed imagery, bringing a sense of natural light and a genuine and relaxed feel. We also developed ownable visual brand devices to complement existing comms assets to create interest and to act as an image and copy holder tool.

    Our goal was to show Chatterton’s as a forward-thinking company – one that’s approachable and professional. And we Well & Truly scored, applying the new brand across sector specific brochures, print advertising, posters, digital assets, banners, promotional merchandise, internal literature, stationary and internal digital documents – to name but a few.

    But did they like it?

    “We love working with Well & Truly. They always get back to us so quickly with everything. They accommodate our crazy last-minute requests and on top of it all produce great designs what we love!”







    Chattertons Solicitors: Getting rid of the blues

  • The new CHEF Titanium was set to re-affirm Kenwood as the only brand for multi-purpose, multi-functioning kitchen machines that adapt with the consumer. The brand had recently undergone an extensive global consumer segmentation study to clarify their target market and were keen to see the results being implemented across new media campaigns.

    The Brief

    The results of the segmentation showed us that the campaign needed to be split into two routes; one designed for the emerging markets, (for those countries where either Kenwood as a brand wasn’t well known, or where stand mixers and kitchen machines are not common place products), and one for the established markets – where consumers were familiar with both the brand and the products.

    We were briefed to create a global media campaign, which celebrated and communicated the launch of the CHEF Titanium, which remained consistent whilst being easily adaptable for both markets. The campaign was to focus specifically on the innovative product developments including a new in-bowl light.

    What We Did

    We started in research; evolving product and consumer stories and testing them amongst segmented target consumer audiences. This impacted the creative development on a massive scale. Drawing on our strategic branding expertise, we used the results to come up with the strap-line; “Power to Inspire”.

    We used a lifestyle photography shoot to show what the product could do and how it could fit into the consumer’s home, and worked closely with a leading food stylist to showcase beautiful recipes from across the globe. We knew that where the brand was less well known, the products needed to be at the forefront of the ads, whilst for the more established markets, we needed to inspire consumers and feature striking food imagery more prominently whilst showing the product in a more ‘supportive’ role.

    We developed a collection of creative assets including digital ads, print, advertorials and social media assets all supported with a proposed social media strategy; as well as a campaign bible which supported the consistent global implementation of the campaign by individual markets.

    Alongside the shoot, we also produced fast paced recipe films designed for use on social media and cinemagraphs which were a first for Kenwood as a brand, and were designed to showcase new ideas for inspiring and engaging content across the global markets.

    Kenwood Chef Titanium: Power to Inspire

  • Following on from the Power to Inspire Media Campaign, we were commissioned to produce a series of films for Kenwood to use at the Delonghi Group annual conference, that could also be used in the consumer domain to promote the unique selling points of the Kenwood Chef Titanium.

    The films were focused on the three main USPs of the product; endurance, power and versatility. Our aim was to show the extent of each of these through creative film.

    Power to Inspire: Films

  • An internal magazine to unite customer services

    The Allied Irish Bank offers a comprehensive range of financial services throughout the Republic of Ireland and the UK. Following the global financial market crisis in 2007 it has been important for banks like AIB to reduce risk and create certainty for all stakeholders.

    To coincide with the launch of a new customer services department earlier this year (2015), AIB decided to create an internal magazine that would focus on new ways of working within the company and keep employees inspired.

    We supported the design of this first issue, producing 16 pages that were both informative and motivating. The ‘name this magazine’ competition enabled us to be creative with the front-page layout whilst inside spreads were crafted with eye-catching infographics. To provide a true insight into all aspects of customer service work we also integrated real life photos of AIB employees. The idea was very much for the employees to feel this was their magazine.

    Following on from the success of the first issue we are now working on the second, and the magazine will be distributed internally to all members of staff on a quarterly basis.


    Allied Irish Bank (AIB)

  • The result:

    The team at Well & Truly have gone above and beyond in creating a microsite and brand position video for our Global Infrastructure practice. The innovative ideas and resilience of the team to get this across the line has resulted in a fantastic output that our stakeholders and clients are very impressed with.” Laura Cutler, Marketing Lead, Global Campaigns, Herbert Smith Freehills.

    The Brief:

    As a world leading legal firm, Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF) were looking to re-affirm their position as a global leader within their infrastructure practice.

    Their global credentials are vast and impressive, and HSF were looking to partner with a strategically minded creative team that could help showcase these through a series of creatively presented and well-articulated case studies.

    What we did:

    Just like the case studies, our goal was to create something pioneering and first-of –a-kind for HSF. Something that would set a precedent for other areas of the business, and help HSF to stand proud against the slick architect firms, and innovative construction companies their clients work alongside within the world of infrastructure.

    We looked for inspiration outside the world of professional services, and found it in the most unlikely place – a Pharell Williams music video! Whilst the marketing team were excited about our proposed approach, we were slightly nervous about presenting to the legal partners to get their buy-in. We needn’t have worried. Their open-mindedness and desire to create something impactful meant they loved it!

    Our concept, takes elements from the HSF visual brand identity and utilises a fully customisable radial timeline to sit the heart of a new microsite. The use of strong, bold imagery results in an impactful dynamic feel to the site.  And the ability to use both imagery and video within the site, means that we can keep it looking fresh and up-to-date very easily.

    In true Well & Truly fashion, we quickly became a part of the team at HSF, and worked together to extract the information from the legal teams, and then create a framework to present this to prospects in an engaging and informative way. Breaking up information into bitesize chunks that are easy to present, but also providing the full story in a way that is easy to share when more information was needed.

    The complimentary film, sets the tone for this division of the firm. A brand film for infrastructure that brings to life their core values, and areas of expertise, and demonstrates their understanding of how to ‘deliver infrastructure for tomorrows world’. The challenge with the film was to create something dynamic and ownable, but through only using royalty free stock footage and photography. We achieved this though the development of a distinct animation style that brought together all elements of the film, and reflected the look and feel of the microsite. The use of a bold, upbeat and modern music track gives the film an energetic feel, and sets a tone and expectation for the brand.

    The film and microsite were presented at our recent global conference in Hong Kong. Teams across the film were very impressed and demands from all corners of the globe are coming in thick and fast with other teams and divisions wanting something similar for their business area. This is a true testament to the vision of the team at Well & Truly and their ability.”

    Herbert Smith Freehills: Showcasing the talent of a leading global brand

  • The Results

    “We have been working with Well & Truly for around 18 months and during that time they have been instrumental in helping us develop our new brand look, tone of voice and proposition which we are extremely proud of.  They have great relationships with both our internal team and our other partner agencies we work with – working as a truly ‘inter-agency’ team. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura and her team to anyone looking for an agency that can truly integrate themselves into their own team.”

    Jayne Adamson, Head of Marketing, British Ceramic Tile


    The Brief:

    BCT came to us wanting to work with a strategically minded creative agency on repositioning themselves as a gutsy consumer-facing brand. They wanted to take the existing work done on their new brand development to the next level. We had a good starting point, but were tasked with completing their brand development journey; seeing it through to the launch and beyond, with a bit oomph.

    We started off by tweaking the logo and developing their brand architecture to give them a stronger identity in the consumer arena. Part of the brief was also to develop and deliver the first ever ATL brand advertising campaign across print, digital and social platforms (this was one of our favourite bits!)

    What we did:

    In any new brand development process, we like to get stuck in and become a part of the team as soon as we can. BCT was no exception. We quickly wrapped our heads around all things ceramic and integrated ourselves with the brand as if it were our own.

    Knowledge before assumption

    We immersed ourselves in research and insight projects – scripting and facilitating several studies into customer motivations, attitudes and brands within the market. This provided insights to be used in sales presentations, PR campaigns and social media plans.

    The results and stats also shaped a new strategic marketing plan, designed to amplify the brand proposition and discover their new found place in the consumer market. We developed consumer pen portraits and are now about to undertake a larger piece of insight work into the specification and house builder market, as well as some nationwide in-store consumer research.

    We understand the importance of measurable results. At the start of this process, we ran BCT’s first ever brand tracker study to provide a benchmark from which we can measure results. We are in the process of running wave two and are excited to track how brand perception has changed over time.

    Biblical design

    We meticulously designed and produced a 100-page brand bible which provides guidelines and inspiration, and also sets out who BCT are and how the brand should be presented in everything they say and do. We’ve since re-purposed the main brand bible in several ways; global guidelines, retailer guidelines and sales tools to name but a few.

    It’s not what you say…

    We fundamentally believe it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. This meant that getting BCT’s tone of voice right was crucial. Their distinct and fun personality needed to be conveyed in a consistent way, both internally and externally. We worked with the team to devise a bespoke internal training programme and facilitated a copywriting workshop for the marketing team and partner agencies to ensure we were singing from the same song sheet.

    We then implemented the look and feel, and tone of voice across all touch points; stationery, website design, brochure layouts (B2B, B2C and global), merchandising, exhibition stands, point of sale, packaging and more…

    It’s now our job to work as one big team with the lovely in-house bunch at BCT, and the other expert agencies they’ve commissioned to run their digital and PR campaigns. Together, our aim is to successfully position British Ceramic Tile as an obsessively original brand, who inspire consumers to create amazing spaces with tiles. We have regular interagency meetings to make sure all strategies are aligned and on brand, and we’ve already seen great results.

    This is just the beginning so watch this space as we continue to work with BCT, leading on strategy, research, new campaigns and creative brand development.




    British Ceramic Tiles: Obsessively Original

  • We were commissioned by Kenwood to produce a set of renders to showcase the new colours in the kMix collection. As well as rendered ‘stills’ we have also produced a number of animated renders that help to show how the products function and the different attachments available. Renders are a great way of accurately showing what the product looks like before you have a sample that is ready to photograph. They can be used to showcase an up-coming and create intrigue and desire for the consumer, incorporated into trade communications to help with orders and sales forecasts and be used within PR articles. It can also be more cost effective that photography and retouching when you have multiple colours variants for the same product, or in the case of the kMix range some very reflective surfaces as you can ensure no reflections!

    Kenwood kMix Renders

  • Sitting high on a hill overlooking Leicestershire’s beautiful Welland Valley, you’ll find the stunning Nevill Holt Estate. Owned by Davis Ross and Home to the Nevill Opera Festival that runs each summer across June and July. We have been working with Nevill Holt Opera for the past three years, producing their opera brochure each year, as well as advertising, and communication tools to help increase membership.

    The 2015 opera was Bitzet’s Carmen, so, as always, our creative design work needed to tap into the rich themes of the opera. The classically styled programme was also designed to sit well with the former two, and with the view that it could be kept by people for years to come as a memento of their experience.

    Also new to this year was our brief to focus on brand development, as well as ways to increase memberships and sponsorships. We developed an intricate mini brochure to give an overview to the Opera Festival as well as the forthcoming Operas for next season. It was distributed via the post, and also left at key hotels and establishments in the surrounding area for people to pick up. Since the production of the first mini brochure, memberships have increased by 50% and ticket sales for Carmen sold out in 5 days!


    Nevill Holt Opera Festival

  • A campaign to revolutionise mobile gaming

    100% Indie was a community for independent mobile games developers to meet, support and assist each other in their games development. It also provided the opportunity to access marketing and creative support so that games can be published as a Samsung Android App.

    The initiative was formed by leading mobile games publisher Chillingo (owned by EA Games), who discovered, produced and launched world famous mobile games such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, in conjunction with Samsung Mobile. The overall aim was to increase the number of games developed and available for purchase on the Samsung Games App.

    We created a campaign to launch 100% Indie at GDC (Games Developers Conference) in LA. The work included on and offline advertising, launch event materials, flyers, magazines and other ambient media. The ‘revolutionary’ feel of the creative style helps to make a bold statement against the corporate world of games development.

    100 Percent Indie

  • Beautiful Branding

    Leading Leicestershire Events company Stones Events specialise in Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties. Bringing the London Events experience to the rest of the country. We were asked by Stones to create a new brand identify for the company that would help to showcase the intimate and professional service you will receive from Stones, whilst allowing them to distinguish more easily between their services, and different product offerings. The use of a typographical approach creates a strong visual identity, whilst the ribbon in the logo and a soft summery colour palette combined with rich black, gives the flexibility to create a range of communications themes from summery weddings, extravagant corporate events through to intimate black tie events.

    Stones Events

  • Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation

  • Developing a hot new brand

    Sweat Studios are a fresh, new, Hot Yoga studio offering no-nonsense yoga in a modern and contemporary environment.

    Shrouded in mystique and for some seen to be the home to chanting and joss sticks, the world of yoga can often be intimidating and unwelcoming to the average person who has spent most of their lives working out in a gym. We worked with the team at Sweat to develop a new brand ethos, look and feel, and tone of voice that would set them apart as a new breed of hot yoga studio.

    The brand ethos is built on cutting out the cr*p and focussing on the great benefits that yoga can offer as a full body work out. Tonally, the ‘to the point’ and often ‘tongue in cheek’ copy helps to hammer home the great benefits of yoga and demonstrate that everyone (even big burly Rugby players) can benefit from Hot Yoga.

    The design look and feel combines a simple yet bold colour palette with a distinct illustration style and a striking typography (developed by our talented in house designers) that overall creates an instantly recognisable brand.

    Sweat Studios

  • Improving conversion rates and visitor numbers for leading carehome provider

    PrimeLife is one of the UK’s leading Care Home providers of elderly and adult care. Having never previously invested in marketing communications, we initially took a pro-active approach to demonstrate how this could benefit the company.

    Following qualitative research with end users and care home staff, a mystery shopper programme, as well as a competitor review, we were able to demonstrate that PrimeLife would benefit from a more effective brand strategy, a more focussed approach to sales and marketing throughout the company and better brand image. We carried on to create a refreshed brand identity and a new website that showcased all of PrimeLife’s homes. We were starting from scratch to create a benchmark from which future marketing activity could be tested and adapted.

    Since the launch of the initial website, the highly competitive sector has undergone dramatic changes and competition between care home providers is intense, with aggressive SEO campaigns at the top of the marketing plan for many. After establishing a strong benchmark for PrimeLife, we are currently in the process of further developing the website to help increase search rankings, visitor numbers and improve conversation rates from enquiry through to sale.


  • Smashing targets for new clients

    Who ever said local marketing was easy? With tighter budgets and fierce price competition from aggressively competing national brands, it can often be very difficult for the independent optician to compete on today’s High Street.

    We’ve been working with Davis Optometrists; a leading Midlands based chain of independent optometrists since 2011, providing them with full service marketing and design services.

    Unable to compete on price with brands such as Spec Savers and Vision Express, Davis Optometrists take a much more personable approach, where service, quality products, specialist treatments and community feel are key to their premium offering.

    Since starting work with them in 2011, the number of new patients has risen by up to 26%, with the average value of each dispense rising by up to 11%.

    Davis Optometrists

  • Launch of new ‘precision’ breakfast range for Kenwood

    Following a five way pitch we were appointed by Kenwood to create the identity and marketing communications campaign to launch this new high-price point ‘breakfast range’ consisting of kettle, toaster-grill and coffee-maker.

    The range featured three products. A kettle that heats water in increments of 5 degrees, making it the ideal gadget for any tea lover who knows the importance of water temperature when crafting the perfect brew.

    The Persona coffee-machine which allows you to personalise your coffee just the way you like it, so everyone in the same household can make their ideal cup of coffee within minutes.

    Whilst the state-of-the-art toaster has been cleverly combined with a grill so that bagels, filled-Panini’s and toast can all be made by the touch of just one button.

    Following initial research into the consumer needs and motivations we identified that they were looking for perfection in everything they created in the kitchen – even down to a simple cup of tea – or the perfect round of toast. They enjoyed their gadgets in the kitchen and used them on a regular basis.

    We developed the strapline ‘Precision makes perfect’ to tap in to their desire for crafting perfect food. Whilst the range name ‘Persona’ reflected the personal nature of the range – allowing consumers to create exactly what they want, when they want. The creative concept features a ‘measuring device’ combined with clean food photography to combine the technical and somewhat gadgety nature of the range, with mouth-watering appetite appeal.

    Work included range name and logo development, advertising concepts, POS, packaging, a recipe book and ‘good tea making guide’, as well as product, lifestyle and food photography all handled by our in-house team.

    Marketing Manager Kelly O’Neill said: “Well & Truly created a concept that really tied together the technical elements of the product, with the consumers appetite for really great food. The strategy was thoroughly developed from start to finish.”


    Kenwood Persona: Precision makes perfect

  • Setting a new benchmark for blenders

    As a world-leading brand in food preparation appliances, it was a surprise to learn that Kenwood’s share of the blender market was less than 2% globally, and that their reputation for quality blenders with the consumer was average at best.

    Kenwood had set themselves the challenge to take a category leading position at the €200+ price point and set about developing a blender with patented blade technology, one that could not only compete with the world leading blender brands (Blendtech, VitaMix, Magimix, Cusinart) but also out-perform them at every step.

    Our job was to create an identity and communications for the product (and future products within the range) that would position Kenwood as a premium brand within the blender category. Our work included range and product name development, strapline, logo, marketing story, advertising, packaging, POS, and trade launch communications.


    Kenwood Blend-X